I spent this weekend with my Mother-in-law who is slipping away from us as Alzheimers steals away her memories, yet in most moments she is happily living in a time long ago. “Reflections,” a photo series by Tom Hussey  depicts individuals well along in years looking at a reflection of a younger self. The photos are wonderful and melancholy. While they show the passage of time as it relates to our physical self, it made me think of the advice I frequently give scholars in our leadership programs, “take time to reflect.” Leaders often pause and evaluate what they are thinking and doing to seek personal improvement. Time spent in reflection is a gift. Are you spending time in reflection each day? Do you have a personal development plan that addresses all aspects of your life including career, personal, family, spiritual, and physical?

By turning the mirror inward we can achieve what this wonderfully done series accomplishes…it gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

To view the entire series click here. Tom Hussey photographed this award winning campaign for Novartis’ Exelon Patch, a prescription medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. The highly conceptual photographs depicted an older person looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror.